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Philip Mongelluzzo, MD

Co-Found and Medical Director of Pulse 4 Pulse
“Why do we wait until someone has a heart attack before treating them? Microvascular disease protocols will help identify asymptomatic patients before a heart attack.”
Dr. Phillip Mongelluzo presents ideas on revamping microvascular disease protocols and describes how this can identify patients at-risk for heart attack and stroke before they ever begin experiencing symptoms.

Bob Gold

Chief Clinical Behavior Technologist and Founder of GoMo Health
“Current disease management practices do not work. When a patient is involved in their treatment plans, they are three to five times more likely to stay healthy.”
Dr. Bob Gold shares how his work helps to shift the paradigm of medicine to patient-centered care encompassing each unique individual, rather than simply treating the disease, and how this will soon become the standard in healthcare.

Marc Penn

Co-Founder and Chief Medical
“Obesity, poor dental hygiene, stress, anxiety, all contribute to vascular inflammation, the primary cause of life-threatening cardiac events.”
Dr. Marc Penn reveals the role vascular inflammation, COVID-19, and viral infections have on patients at risk for plaque rupture and myocardial infarction.

Robert Marx, DDS, FACS

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
“In-situ tissue engineering is how I rebuild large segments of bone without taking bone or tissue away from another part of the patient’s body.”
Dr. Robert Marx describes how he uses in-situ tissue engineering for bone regeneration in patients who have suffered trauma from car accidents, cancer, or tumor growth, plus shares cases where morbidity, recovery time, and pain were drastically reduced.

Randy Miller, MD

Reconstructive Surgery
“We’ve discovered that stem cells stimulate tissue growth, allowing the body a remarkable ability to heal, even regenerate.”
Dr. Randy Miller dispels stem cell myths and misinformation to share how he utilizes the technology in reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries to treat cases from severally damaged tissues to missing or destroyed bones.

Chadwick Prodromos, MD

CEO, The Prodromos Stem Cell Institute
“Our goals are to make sure suffering patients receive stem cell treatments now, not only to improve the patient’s condition but to prevent any further damage.”
Discover the truth about stem cells and see how MSC stem cell injections are a safe, side-effect-free treatment for the majority of patients with MS, Parkinson’s Disease, Crohn’s Disease, cerebral palsy, and more.

Ryan Smith

President of Business Development, TruDiagnostic
“If you don’t think aging is a disease, hopefully, I can change your mind. Now the technology is moving to treat and prevent old age before it even happens.”
Founder of TruDiagnostic, Ryan Smith, shares how telomere research can predict life expectancy, actions to take to extend your life, and how new medical innovation can even reverse the effects of old age.

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Arnold Pallay, MD, FAAFP

Medical Director, Partners in Care
“Understanding the patient is just as important as knowing the disease. Genomics allows us to account for the minor variations in DNA that make a huge difference in a patient’s health.”
Humans are 99% genetically identical; it’s the tiny differences that dictate how a patient reacts to their environment and lifestyle. Dr. Arnold Pallay explains how physicians can treat conditions from heart disease to asthma using genomics.

Sharon Hausman-Cohen, MD

Medical Director, Resilient Health
“We have thousands and thousands of cases proving that you can improve health outcomes with genomics to get to the root cause of a condition.”
Dr. Sharon Hausman-Cohen shows how integrative medicine utilizing diet, supplements, and exercise can be used in concert with genomics to find the root cause of chronic conditions like cognitive decline and depression.

Pam Hughes, DO

Functional Medicine
“48% of traumatic brain injuries in this country occur from fall. 5.3 million Americans have a lifelong need for constant care from a TBI. HBOT can help.”
Dementia isn’t “just part of getting older.” Dr. Pamela Hughes discusses how outside-the-box thinking and hyperbaric oxygen therapy can reduce the effects of traumatic brain injury and even reverse dementia and cognitive decline.

Eduardo Maristany, MD

Functional Medicine
“Traditional medicine is fantastic in 80% of critical cases, but in chronic conditions, functional medicine steps in to treat the whole patient.”
Go “under the hood” with Dr. Eduardo Maristany to learn how functional medicine augments traditional medical practices with a personalized genomic-based approach for customized treatment plans.

Bob Gasparini

Former Neogenomics President
“If we can find the genetic mutations that drive cancer [with new diagnostic tools], we can take an actionable response toward treatment”
Robert Gasparini reveals how genomics are used in precision oncology to identify cancer-causing genetic mutations and how this information leads to more effective cancer treatment options.